1What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a new business model where you don’t need to have stock keeping, paying advance, and product sourcing. You just need to focus on your marketplace store (Shopee/Lazada) for selling the products and we will fulfill your orders accordingly.

2 How many products can I sync to my marketplace store?

There is no limit for products syncing on our platform. You can sync as many as you can to your marketplace store from our wide range of products.

3Which address should I put in the Pick Up and Return Address?

Please fill in the address as below.
Full Name: Fill in your name
Phone Number: Fill in your contact number
Address: 15, Jalan Budi 4, Taman Perindustrian Wawasan, Batu Pahat 83000, Johor

Lazada - How To Update Address
Shopee - How To Update Address

4What should I do if I have an order from my marketplace store?

You do not need to do anything, all the orders from your marketplace store will be synced into our platform automatically. We will fulfill your orders accordingly.

5 Can I purchase directly from this platform?

Yes, you can purchase any products from our platform directly just like how others e-commerce works.

6 Which shipping method to use for Shopee?

You should only enable the Standard Shipping method on your Shopee account. (Eg: Shopee Express, J&T, Pos Laju, etc)

7 What are the TopUp credits for?

As everything on our platform is automated, you need to ensure your account has sufficient balance for the automated process to pay for the order that is from your marketplace store. We offer several TopUp packages for you to purchase, please “click here” to view more.

8 Can I have different dropship suppliers/products in my marketplace?

We strongly recommend seller to sell only our platform products within your marketplace store. As a marketplace AWB can generate only 1 for each order.

If you insist, please apply the Split Order function from Shopee/Lazada.

For more information:

Shopee - https://seller.shopee.com.my/edu/article/7282/Split-Order-Feature

Lazada - https://sellercenter.lazada.com.my/seller/helpcenter/manual-package-split-how-to-self-split-orders-at-item-level-9008.html

*NOTE: Sellers have to manually split the order item for order that contains items from different suppliers. Order automated system only will capture the order item from our website. Additional shipping cost will be fully absorbed by the seller.

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